Lite Stone Entertainment is an aggressive young entertainment company with initial facilities in Hollywood, CA. For corporate offices and production, ready and eager to enter a global market for filmed entertainment.

Goals for the future include expansion into a full-blown studio corporation, similar to Viacom, Time Warner or Disney.

This business plan is preliminary only, with much to be amplified or revised as the company performs further research and planning activities in conjunction with other operations.

However, LSE management believes that the plan provides a clear, concise picture of the opportunities and dynamics facing the company as it moves into an operating and money-making mode. LSE management believes that the company faces great opportunities in the near future.


Lite Stone Entertainment: creative and philosophical leadership for a new age in entertainment!

Lite Stone Entertainment seeks to lead the film and television industry in creative and managerial vision and output, creating programs that entertain and enlighten, serving clients professionally and competently with state of the art facilities, methods and equipment.

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